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Matin technical design company

Matin technical design company

Matin technical design company

Matin Technical Design Company: Design, Manufactur and Sale Composite Covers in different Sizes, Composite Manhole Cover, Round Covers, Square Covers, Composite Tank, FRP Tanks, Grp Tank, Cubic GRP Tank, Cylindrical GRP Tank, GRP Septic Tank, Composite GRP Septic Tank, Septic Tanks, Sewage Septic tank, Funeral Septic tank, Polyethylene septic tank, Sheet Moulding Compound ( SMC tank ), Water tank, Storage tank, Funeral Septic Tanks, Cubic Septic Tank, Polyethylene Tank, GRVE Tank, Fiberglass Composite Cover, Fiberglass Tanks, Fittings, Composite fitting, GRP composite fitting, FRP composite fittings, Manholes, GRP Manhole,.. in Iran and Middle-East


Polymer products, especialy composites, since entering the industry, with exclusive benefits such as : light weight, long shelf life, easy and quick transportation and installation, high resistance to corrosions and environmental sustainability,have great impact on reducing costs and increasing productivity and compete with steel and concrete products in similar applications have been overcome most of its competitors and remove them from industrial scene.

In this regard, Matin Technical Design Company stablished in 2007 in IRan, as a desinger, producer and excecutor of different type of Storage tanks, water storage tanks, cylindrical pressure and atmosphoric vessels(GRP), Square modular tanks, Cubic modular tanks (CMC), Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC tank), unerground and Underground buried tanks (fiberglass septic tanks, sewge tanks and fat retention tanks), FRP composite fittings and composite manhole cover (SMC or GRP).

About other activities in Matin company we can point to offering industrial solutions for different problems, especially dealing with industrial corrosion based on operational process using nanocomposite that we can offer solution using Nano Composite Compound. Also, the mission of company is to develop and replace old products with composite industry and being a developer of this industry.

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Matin technical design company
Matin technical design company
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