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Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Long-Lasting, Reliable Storage of Water, Liquids and Chemicals

fiberglass water storage tankThe Fiberglass Above Ground Water Storage Tank is a robust storage option used for drinking water, rain water, gray water, irrigation, production fluids and more. Designed as a long term storage solution, each tank is manufactured from a high-quality fiberglass fabric. This material is firm in its nature and naturally resistant to rusting, denting, and corrosion. This keeps the tanks strong and equipped for demanding storage conditions.

Along the interior of each tank is high strength resin. Each resin is fabricated with linings or coatings that are specifically compatible with the type of liquid you are storing in the tank. For example, drinking water storage tanks will use an interior resin that meets FDA requirements for safe potable water storage. Whether you need a small fiberglass tank or a large storage option, these tanks are the perfect choice for your location.

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  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Gel Coated in Two-Part Epoxy
  • Interior Resin: Equipped for Intended Liquid
  • Filtration Available for Safe Drinking Water
  • Dome Top
  • Little Site Prep Required
  • Variety of Resins Available
  • Can be Manufacture in Any Size


  • Robust Fabric Material
  • High Resistance to Cracking and Dents
  • Long-Lasting
  • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Equipped for Multiple Liquids
  • High UV Resistance
  • Corrusion and Rust Resistant


Typical Sizing and Specifications
**Additional Sizing Available, Please Ask!**

Capacity Dimensions NTE Weight
525 5' D X 4'8"  115
600  4' D X 6'  210
1000 4' D X 10'  295
900  5' D X 6'  22
1525 5' D X 10' 390
1300 6' D X 6'  370
2250 6' D X 10' 472
1750 7' D X 6'  367
3000 7' D X 10' 601
2300 8' D X 6' 485
3950  8' D X 10' 829
2900 9' D X 6'  598
5800 9' D X 10' 1240
3500 10' D X 6'  710
6000 10' D X 10'  1280
4250 11'D X 6' 810
7250 11' D X 10' 1490
5000 12' D X 6' 1400
8600 12' D X 10' 1750
1700 ~7'* X 7'  350

Above Specifications are Standard Sizes of Tanks. Fiberglass can be manufactured to almost any specification so please don't hesitate to call with your request. 

*These Tanks Require an Escort for Transportation

All Tanks include Inlet, Outlet, Overflow/Drain, Vent and a 20" Manway


Standard Fittings are Galvanized (up to 2") or PVC (up to 4")
Flanged Fittings, ABS, or Other Fittings are Considered Specialty and are Extra

When compared to other tank styles and fabrics offered on this site (plastic, steel, flexible), the fiberglass tank is one of the strongest fabrics options available and is typically able to withstand use in most weather conditions. Additional fiberglass tank options include fiberglass basins, underground fiberglass tanks, and fiberglass septic tanks. For these and other fiberglass options, check out our Fiberglass Above Ground Water Storage Tanks. 


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Additional Liquid Storage Options

Fiberglass tanks are one of many liquid storage options available for the containment of water, chemicals and more. For more storage options, please check out any of the following tank styles listed below:

  • vertical plastic water tanksPlastic Tanks: Available above ground water storage tanks include vertical, horizontal, pickup truck style, leg, and sump bottom configurations. 
  • Steel Tanks: Perfect for almost any liquid including fuel, chemicals, rainwater and more. Available models include above ground and underground vertical, horizontal, single wall and double wall styles. 
  • Pillow Tanks: Ideal for temporary liquid storage, pillow tanks are designed for short-term storage in height restricted locations such as under decks, patios and more. 

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Fiberglass Storage Tanks
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