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Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks

Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks

Above Ground Storage of Drinking Water, Grey Water, Chemicals and more

fiberglass basinsThe Above Ground Fiberglass Water Tank is a basin-style tank designed for effective storage of liquids in above ground locations. Built using the robust fiberglass fabric, these tanks will naturally hold up against deterioration, splitting, denting and cracking. This offers customers with a reliable storage option that resists exterior exposure to wind, rain, and other materials.

Units featured here use a robust exterior fiberglass, interior resin, and bolt down FRP lid. All resins are constructed separate based on the type of liquid you will be storing in the tank. For example, if drinking water is used in the tank, interior resists will be coated in a material that meets standard and regulations for its intended storage. Basins are perfect for use as an above ground septic tank, sewage lift basin, rainwater cistern, waste water holding tank and drinking water basin. 



Fiberglass Tank Features:

  • Robust Fiberglass Construction
  • Bolt-Down FRP Lid
  • Resins for Potable Water, Non-Potable Water & Chemicals
  • Functions as a Sewage Lift Basin
  • Standard or Custom Sizing
  • Drive Rated Options Available

Fiberglass Tank Benefits:

  • Robust Exterior Tank
  • Light Weight for Easy Installation
  • High Resistance to Deterioration, Spliting, Denting, or Bending
  • Will Not Crack or Leak
  • Flat Top Basin
  • Built to Meet Your Requirements


Fiberglass Basins Specifications
Capacity Dimensions Weight
100 2' D X 52" 35
225 3' D X 52" 51
475 3' D X 104"  98
400 4' D X 52"  100
825  4' D X 104" 195
625 5' D X 52" 155
1285  5' D X 104" 300
1925 5' D X 156"  365
900 6' D X 52" 310
1850 6' D X 104" 575
2750 6' D X 156" 660
1225  7' D X 52" 345
2525 7'D X 104" 650
3750  7' D X 156" 750
3300 8' D X 104" 660
4900 8' D X 156" 1025
4200 9' D X 104" 910
6200 9' D X 156" 1340
5200 10' D X 104" 1100
7700 10' D X 156" 1645
6300 11' D X 104" 1300
9300 11' D X 156" 1800
7500 12' D X 104" 1540
11000 12' D X 156" 2400

Above Specifications are Standard Sizes of Tanks. Fiberglass can be manufactured to almost any specification so please don't hesitate to call with your request. 

*These Tanks Require an Escort for Transportation

All Tanks include Inlet, Outlet, Overflow/Drain, Vent and a 20" Manway


Fiberglass Basin Fittings
Standard Fittings are Galvanized (up to 2") or PVC (up to 4")
Flanged Fittings, ABS, or Other Fittings are Considered Specialty and are Extra
Lift Stations can be Fitted to Spec or Provided 'Solid' 
to be Fitted with Bulkheads On-Site


Additional fiberglass water tanks include Above Ground Tanks, Underground Tanks and Aboveground Fiberglass Septic Tanks. When compared to other liquid storage options, the fiberglass tank can provide increased storage for long-term liquid storage applications in cold, hot and mild weather conditions. For more fiberglass options, check out our Fiberglass Storage Tanks.

Looking for a fiberglass basin size or fitting you do not see listed here? Not a problem! Fiberglass tanks can often be made to meet your exact specifications and storage requirements. Please do not hesitate to ask for a specific capacity, size or fitting required for you site.


Additional Tank Storage Options

In addition to the fiberglass tanks featured here, we also offer several different tank styles to help successfully store water, chemicals, non-potable water and more. Tank options include the following:

  • Collapsible Water Tanks: Collapsible tanks feature a flexible exterior fabric material that will form a pillow style tank when completely full. The flexibility of these tanks has provided customers with an easier way to keep large capacities of liquid stored in their tank. 
  • Steel Water Storage Tanks: A common option for permanent or long-term water storage are the steel storage tanks. These tanks can be built in a vertical, horizontal or underground style to provide storage of fuel, chemicals, water, production fluids and drinking water. 
  • Plastic Storage Tanks: One of our most versatile selections of storage tanks are the plastic storage units. These tanks come in horizontal, elliptical, vertical, leg style and more to meet individual site requirements.

For spill containment and collection under any existing or new storage unit, please feel free to check out our Spill Containment Products including berms, basins and more.

Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks
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