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GRP Sectional Water Storage Tank

GRP Sectional Water Storage Tank

Sectional water tanks offer a full range of Hot press moulded panels.

The wide range of panels consist of 2mx1m, 1.5mx1m, 1mx1m, 1mx0.5m and 0.5mx0.5m sizes, in varying configurations for use in side, bottom and top, which enables us to assemble tanks up to 2 million litres capacity.

The MTDCO Sectional Range is further enhanced by the Pre-insulated panel.

• Wide range of thickness to corresponding
• U valves
• CFC free foam
• Completely waterproof

      Physical Properties
      • Will not corrode
      • Longer life
      • Normal fittings can be used
      • Lightweight and extremely strong
      • Hygienic, environmentally friendly
      • Complies to the latest Byelaw regulations


Fixings & Fastenings
All nuts/ bolts and washers in contact with the water are of stainless steel (BS 970 part 4). Non-immersed nuts, bolts and washers are either zinc plated, passivated or galvanised to (BS 729).

All joints & bolts are sealed with approved materials to ensure the product is water tight.

Internal & External Reinforcements
For all tanks over one metre high - extra reinforcements are required. Internal stainless steel tie rods to (BS 970 part 4). External steel sections are Hot Dipped Galvanised as per standard.

UPVC or GRP vertical supports are fitted to give support to the cover. 
For underground tanks supports please contact our Sales Department for specifications.

All ladders are GRP for internal & external use. Alternatively we can offer stainless steel for internal usage and galvanised for external application (Standard or hooped to BS4211 if specified).

Manways & Inspection Hatches
Manways are bolted & vented which are in a standard size of: 600 x 600mm. They can be alternatively supplied hinged as a Deluxe Manway Inspection hatches 450 x 450mm are supplied standard with tank(s) holding over 1000 litres. Low level manways are also available.

Raised Ball Valve Chambers
Standard Ball Valve Chambers are supplied and fitted with reinforced Ball Valve Area(s). These chambers can be pre-insulated. Standard Size: 800 x 800 x 400mm. Other sizes available upon requested.

Maintenance Dividers
On request new sectional storage tank(s) can have an internal maintenance divider fitted within the tank, allowing maintenance works to be carried out without disturbing the system. Dividers are only to be used while maintenance works are performed and the water level should be lower to prevent issues with the dividing wall being under to much stress. A sectional tank should never be left running on one compartment for extended periods as this will damage the sectional tank.

A comprehensive range of tank connections are available for onsite fitting by our engineers. Holes for connections may be cut with conventional tools. Holes must be a snug fit. We recommend that any tank connections are installed by a qualified DPL engineer.

Overflow screens
Each tank is supplied with a MTDCO screen overflow to (BS 6700) whilst tanks supplied to the requirements of Byelaw 30 are complete with an additional 22mm early warning screen having a 0.65mm micromesh filter.

Catchment or Drip Trays
Readily available on request, these items can be made in sections dependent on the size of tank being supplied. We can supply these for all water tanks, sectional, one-piece andde two piece tanks.

Installation Access Requirements for IFB, EFB and TIF Tanks
A MTDCO range of Sectional Tanks can be supplied. We supply Internally Flanged Base (IFB), where head room is limited or alternatively Externally Flanged Base (EFB) for self draining purpose on site. Totally Internally Flanged (TIF) tanks are also supplied for projects with access issues. At the planning stage, a minimum all round installation clearance of 500mm beyond all projections should be allowed for IFB and EFB tanks. This is required for the initial installation and future maintenance for the client. For installations where space is at a premium we can offer tanks having INTERNALLY FLANGED PANELS, also known as a TIF tank.

Base Supports
The base support for any of our sectional tanks is critically important. The base being provided must have a tolerance of -/+ 2 to 3mm. Although DPL will make recommendations to our clients, we are not responsible for any base supports provided. Ideally, a steel base, or steel and plywood base, is recommended to be used. This is usually an additional costs but it prevents issues immediately, keeps your project moving without delays, and also improves the life span of any sectional tank. We can supply, level and install bases for all of our sectional tanks.  CAD drawings for all base details will be provided for projects up on request.

Further tank base details can be found below.

GRP Sectional Water Storage Tank
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