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fiberglass Manhole Covers / Fiberglass vlaves

MATIN is the largest manufacturer and exporter of GRP and FRP fiberglass tank, pipes, manhole covers, and polyethylene water tanks in the Middle East
Manhole Cover
One of the primary problems facing Iran today is our country’s aging infrastructure....
Fiberglass manhole cover, 345 mm diameter
Matin Company, manufacturer of 345 mm diameter fiberglass manhole covers, using your requested color, designs and logo. With best quality,.
 Manhole Cover 600, with 150*150 Concrete slab
Manhole Composite Cover with the size of 150 * 150 mm, High quality design with reasonable pricelong-term high resistance, and ..
fiberglass cover,with 265 mm diameter, with Concrete slab
Composite cover with a diameter of 265 mm, with concrete ponds vary according to the requested dimension
Composite cover,with 265 mm diameter,new cover design and new frame
Composite cover with a diameter of 265 mm, with new cover frame, lighter and more robust
Fiberglass manhole cover,360x830 mm; for sale .
Composite manhole cover,360*830 mm, with great quality, reasonable price, high resistance in longtime and good appearance