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GRP sectional Tank

GRP sectional Tank

GRP sectional Tank


We are recognized as one of the market leaders in water tanks industry in the Iran. Our expanding customer base embraces many major clients including government establishments, local authorities and the construction industry, from high rise flats to Royal places, our services remains excellent. Our technicians and engineers are fully trained in erection of GRP sectional water tanks. We offer GRP sectional water tanks made of hot press moulding panels are moulded from a sheet moulding compound having low shrink characteristics and excellent physical properties, the sheet moulding compound contains E – glass Fiber, fillers and high grade Isophthalic polyester resin. The GRP sectional water tanks system is designed for building tanks up to 3 meter high using 1 meter square panels; GRP sectional tanks find application whenever access to the tank location is restricted or when large capacity are required.



We offer both insulated and non – insulated GRP sectional water tanks


GRP sectional tanks comprise externally bolted panels and a metal bracing system depending upon size.


Manhole access with cover is used in the top panels of the tank.


·         Marine grad A4/316 SS tie rods used as internal bracings.


·         Hot dip galvanized steel fasteners and metal work used external side of the tanks.


·         External and internal GRP ladders.


·         High performance EPDM gaskets used in between flanges of panels for ease of installation and no risk of leakage due to creep or age hardening of sealant.


·         Internal PVC pipes support the cover panels.


·         Sump panel to facilitate draining.


·         Comprehensive range of accessories are supplied along with tank.







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