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We are trying with God’s help and use the cutting edge knowledge of composite products not only to ……

Services and Products

fiberglass manhole covers
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Polyethylene water tanks
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fiberglass coatings
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 fiberglass pipe and fittings
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fiberglass  Septic tanks
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GRP and FRP  water tanks
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Our Honors

Matin Engineering Design Company was established in 2007 as designer, manufacturer and exporter of various pressure vessels, cylindrical reservoir and cubic reservoir atmospheric reservoirs, grp tank, SMC tank, Fiberglass tank ، Burial tanks ،Septic tank Sewage, Degreasers, Fiberglass fittingsFiberglass manhole valve, Fiberglass manhole Covers Founded and started to work.
From other perspectives, Matin Engineering company provides industrial solutions, especially anti-corrosion based on operational processes using Nanocomposite As well as its mission of expanding and replacing old products with composite industry.
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Local standards

Matin Engineering Design Company was awarded the standard badge from the National Iranian Standards Organization in 1395.

International standards

Matin Engineering Design Company has succeeded in achieving the following international standards
ISO 9001
OHSAS 18001

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